To deploy your marketing plan, our associates are aided by the use of a variety of proprietary applications deisgned to analyze your market and maintian customer relationships.

Our company got its start in the development and design of custom built applications designed to grow our customer's sales. Whether your focus is on market and sales analysis or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or both, MiK can design and develop these systems around your specific company needs.

In addition, MiK Marketing Systems has developed a turnkey solution for private ambulance companies. The EmergiTrack software is a marketing support system designed to free up your marketing staff's time and keep closer tabs on your numbers. Finally, smaller ambulance companies have the tools to track customers and sales like the "big guys".

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Non-Emergency Ambulance services solution. A full Customer Relationship Management application with integrated Analysis tools, fleet management, closed-loop incident reporting, online quality assurance tools, and more built to help private ambulance companies advance comply with continually higher industry standards and grow in today's market.