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All over the country, private ambulance companies are facing increased competition from larger national ambulance services and entry of new ambulance service providers into the marketplace. In addition, ambulance companies far and wide suffer from many of the same hardships and challenges in operations and quality.

Increas Ambulance Runs up to 20% in just six monthsAs professionals with a past in the non-emergency ambulance industry, we looked at ways to continue positive growth in both market share as well as customer base while providing tools to make your company operate smoothly. Our answer to these (and other) issues is EmergiTrack™. Current users of EmergiTrack have experienced as much as 20% in just six short months.


We've developed the EmergiTrack™ software; a fully integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales/run analysis, quality assurance, incident reporting, and fleet management software built into one simple to use package. EmergiTrack™ is built with the marketing and operations efforts of small to medium sized ambulance companies in mind. The trending and analysis capabilities in the software along with the customer tracking and logging tools built in give EmergiTrack™ users the ability to identify problems in ambulance run volume instantaneously, even down to the exact caller at the source of the problem. Additionally, incident reporting, fleet management, and quality assurance review has never been easier.

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EmergiTrack Fuctions

Market/Facility Analysis Marketing Associate Oversight
Automated Charting Function Integrated Incident Reporting
Run Volume Alerts Centralized Intelligence Storage
Built-in COMM and OPS QA Preconfigured Marketing Reports
Company Master Calendar Integrated System Administration
Automatic and Manual Run Imports Fleet Management System
...and more

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