Why Outsource?

Marketing outsourcing allows your company to focus on business operations while experienced ambulance marketing professionals work on increasing run volume. By outsourcing your marketing efforts you eliminate the need to hire full-time staff to build your own in-house marketing department. In addition, outsourcing allows your company to have the benefits of a fully developed marketing team at a fraction of the cost. It is estimated that marketing efforts nationwide account for one third to one half of every consumer dollar spent. By outsourcing with MiK, you gain competitive advantage by having a team of professionals dedicated to marketing your company at far less expense than your competition. Success in this, and any business, lies in having timely information about the market (and consumers) you serve and tailoring your products to meet the needs of these consumers.

Our success comes from...

  • The development and use of Proprietary Market Analysis Software built specifically for the ambulance industry
  • Experienced Market Researchers focused on sizing up your local market and identifying areas where growth is possible
  • Personable Marketing Associates trained to to use strategies based on consumer psychology to increase the frequency of their calls to you
  • Continuous Marketing Director Oversight. Our marketing directors monitor daily marketing associate activity to ensure that the marketing plan for your company is being executed efficiently and effectively
  • In-House Creative Services in Print and Digital Media to help you create brochures, web sites, ambulance wraps, and more.

The moment your new Marketing Associate walks into their first day on the job, we'll be watching their efforts and collecting data about the environment in which your company operates. Using this information, our Marketing Directors will analyze your business and the effects of the marketing strategies in place. With the aid of intelligent market analysis software, your marketing plan becomes a living organism which we can shape and adjust as time progresses and opportunities arise.

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