For many years, mystery shoppers have been used with great success in examining and reporting about consumer experience in industries from fast food to hospitals. Gathering information about the consumer experience has always been one of the toughest tasks to accomplish by businesses worldwide. Without micro-managing employees or physically being present at each transaction, how are we to understand what our business looks like from the consumer's point of view? Our your EMTs professionaly dressed, do they act in a professional manner, is your dispatch center answering calls with enthusiasm? It takes an outside perspective from unbiased sources to truly describe the experience your customers have during their course of business with you.

Utilizing real people and real purchases, our Mystery Shoppers will conduct normal business with your company while assessing and reporting on a personalized list of important details regarding their experience. Are crews friendly and helpful to patients and their families? Are they driving safely? Are crews using proper lifting techniques and following safety protocols during transport? These are all examples of important pieces of information that you as a business want to know about your customer's experience.

For more information on our mystery shopper services, please contact us.

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