Brand advocacy, the process of turning customers into advocates, or even spokespeople for your product or service.

With the abundance of information available to consumers today from a wide variety of sources, more and more consumers are turning to family, acquaintances, and friends when it comes to making purchasing decisions. This "information age" has led to an overabundance of information and impersonal selling on behalf of companies worldwide. Marketing, as it has historically been referred to as a "People Business" is getting more and more impersonal every day. Companies worldwide are recognizing this and by building marketing strategies designed to turn consumers into advocates, these companies are capitalizing on the interpersonal relationships that other companies are neglecting.

At MiK, it is our goal to turn your customers into advocates...for your private ambulance company. Through thoughtful interpersonal communication and attention, we attempt to bond with your customers to create a sense of ownership and personal value in the products or services you sell. Our marketing methodologies are built to connect the customer to you on a personal and meaningful level and in turn, turn these customers into advocates for you. Ultimately, it is our goal to turn your customers into marketing associates for your ambulance company. Doing this grows your marketing efforts exponentially without costing you any more in payroll!


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